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The Outer Worlds looks rough on Switch, but I'm glad it exists

Obsidian shared more Nintendo Switch screenshots today

We’re coming up on the final, at-last, gonna-happen June 5 Nintendo Switch release for The Outer Worlds. How’s it shaping up? We haven’t seen much gameplay footage yet, but Obsidian did release a batch of screenshots with Vicar Max, Nyoka, and that poor vendor trapped in a Moon Man getup.

I’m coming in with low expectations for the port’s visual fidelity on Switch, and that was not a mistake. The Outer Worlds‘ textures and assets, in particular, took a big hit compared to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions. It is what it is, though – as long as the game runs moderately well, I don’t mind. I’ll be too busy stressing about making the right call during pivotal “Who are you gonna screw over?” decisions.

Time will tell, and while the eShop now has a pre-purchase option, it’s best to wait for impressions.

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