The PC version of New Gundam Breaker has been delayed


The worst delays are the ones with unknown reasons

With just two weeks to go before release, Bandai Namco has announced that the PC version of New Gundam Breaker has been delayed. No new date has been given at this time, instead moving to the vague window of Summer 2018. The PlayStation 4 version is unaffected by this and is still on track for June 22.

This is arguably a big advantage for PC players however.

It should be made clear that Namco has not stated why the game was delayed. Whether it’s because of problems that were not noticed until now, possibly adding DRM, a bad attempt to encourage double dipping, it’s not clear. Whatever the case, this now means PC players will effectively have the PS4 players to find out what there is exactly in terms of mission structure and story content. In addition, it will also potentially mean finding out more about what free DLC is coming before they make their final purchase, and their day-one version may potentially have more content than what the PS4 version has in two weeks as a result. That being said, there has been no mention of how the delay will impact the support plans for the PC version.

New Gundam Breaker comes out June 22 on PlayStation 4 and sometime this summer for PC players.