The Phantasy Star Online 2 open beta is now live on Xbox One


The open beta also has rewards

I can’t believe that it’s nearly here.

I’ve been waiting literal years forPhantasy Star Online 2 to come west, and in the meantime I managed to play the fan-translated client and even test out the PS4 version at TGS in Japan years back. You could say I’m ready for this.

While a closed beta was held recently for PSO2, the time for a true open beta is upon us, and everyone is free to download it right now on Xbox One and login. Additionally, the Sonic Collaboration for the game is now live, as is the “join an alliance for more rewards” campaign, which you can read about here. As a note, the PSO2team confirmed that closed beta test rewards will arrive on March 31.

If you’re playing it for the very first time, I recommend trying the Braver class. Most classes are user-friendly at first actually, but when you start to hit the point where you’re pumping points into skills and MAGs, the decision becomes a little murkier.

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