The Phantom Pain and Amnesia: Collection kick off the October PS Plus lineup


I oughta play this again

To everyone who thought about messing with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain but never went through with it: next month is your month! The uneven but incredible-feeling open-world tactical adventure is going to be one of the PlayStation Plus games for October. In particular, if you’ve never tried the series before, I’d implore you to give this a shot — even if it’s just the first few hours.

The other PlayStation 4 selection is Amnesia: Collection, which bundles The Dark Descent, a seminal horror title, and A Machine for Pigs. I imagine plenty of us own one or both of these games by now, but at the very least this will be a fitting time for a replay what with Halloween approaching.

The remaining games for October are: Monster Jam: Battlegrounds (PS3), Hustle Kings (PS3), Hue (PS Vita and PS4), and Sky Force Anniversary (PS Vita, PS3, PS4). Of this lot, don’t sleep on Hue!

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