The PlayStation Classic is up next on the chopping block in today's Destructoid Impulse


Doing what… Nintendoes?

That’s right! Now Sony has unveiled its own smaller replica old-timey console! Coming this December, the PlayStation Classic will remind you of the days when d-pads mattered a whole lot more because they aren’t even offering a DualShock controller with this retro bad boy.

Personally, my inner collector is tempting me to pre-order one, but my common sense is screaming: “you already own tons of original PlayStation games and have multiple ways to play them!” So, I’ll probably be passing on this. However, Sony is nailing it with the holiday release schedule, as I do think this would make the perfect gift for a relative who no longer has their original PlayStation and wants to go on a nostalgia trip over the holidays.

Here’s hoping they don’t get tripped up on the lack of analog sticks.