The Pokemon Company just sent this bizarre Bidoof email to everyone with a Pokemon account


Ya’ll ready for funky Bidoof music videos?

It’s April Fools’, which means I should be laughing and smiling more. But I’m not!

The “holiday” has become somewhat of a farce in recent years, with publishers trying to get in on the “fun” by marketing real games that end up disappointing or fake games that would be amazing but never get made. “Fun!”

But sometimes, a company kind of knocks it out of the park. And when I got a very spammy lookingemail from The Pokemon Company just titled “Bidoof,” I knew I just had to click on it, even if it was leeching my bank account info in real time.

Sure enough, the email contains a gif of a pack of Bidoofs, and by clicking the only link (titled Bidoof), you’ll be whisked away to the below music video…featuring the many faces of Bidoof.

This is some “Sonic Twitter” style harmless wholesome fun. I’m so into it. Bidoof.