The Pokemon Sun and Moon anime arrives on Netflix today


43 episodes

The Pokemon anime is still going strong! What was once a “fad” according to some parents is on its 21st season, and is alive and well after its 1997 Japan debut.

In case you’re not caught up Netflix just dropped 43 episodes of the first Sun & Moon series, which ran throughout 2017 in the US. It starts with “Alola to New Adventure!” and ends with “When Regions Collide!”, and once again deals with Ash and his crew’s adventures.

There’s some great episodes in there, most notably the ones featuring Mimikyu, who is a bit more fleshed out in the anime. The 21st season,Sun and Moon: Ultra Adventures, just started airing in the US on March 24, so odds are it’ll be another year until we see that one on the service.

For reference Japan is gearing up to host the 21st Pokemon film —Everyone’s Story — on July 13. It’s a semi-remake of the second arc of the anime, much like the previous film of Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! was a re-telling of the story of Ash and Pikachu.