The Pokken Tournament controller's limitations have been confirmed


Based on UK listings

When the beans first spilled for thePokken Tournament controller, things didn’t look good for prospective buyers. Apparently it not only can’t be used by player one, but it also will not work with other games. It is now officially confirmed that that is the case due to some recent UK listings, which have additional information in tow.

Based on the official Nintendo Store description, player one mustuse the GamePad in versus mode due to “software design.” It’s…freaking weird, to say the least. I’m still getting it as I know people who play with me would dig it, but it’s weird, as two controllers would have been a lot of fun. I’ve reached out to see if it will work with one player going at it solo, but LAN play is already confirmed.

That’s a dealbreaker, ladies!

Pokken Tournament Pro Pad Controller [Nintendo Store]