The prospect of Mega Man X6 on the PSN doesn't look good


Another incomplete Mega Man collection

When speaking to the Retronauts podcast, Capcom opened up a bit about the PSN submission process, and Mega Man X6happened to come up, as it’s still missing on the service. According to Capcom there’s music that creates licensing issues (ha), and they don’t know if it’s worth the effort to fix it for X6, presumably because it’s one of the most hated games. Legends 1and 2are a higher priority.

Look, Mega Man X6gets a ton of shit, and rightly so for the origin of the project in general, but it has its charms. It’s not Mega Man X-5,I’ll tell you that right now, but other than a few poorly designed stages I enjoy going back through it occasionally. It’s better than X7,at least.

I’m mostly miffed about the fact that the PSN will have X4and X5, but no 6. It was annoying to have to deal with a selection of incomplete NESMega Mangames for months on the Wii U eShop, and the PSN stilldoesn’t have the import PSOne Classics for Mega Man 5and 6. Either work them out ahead of time or just port the superior PS2Collections.

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