The PS4 version of Gris is hiding a 'secret homage'


Launching November 26, 2019

We’re running out of excuses for not getting around to Gris, a marvelous indie adventure from Nomada Studio and Devolver Digital. After PC, Nintendo Switch, and iOS, it’s now bound for PlayStation 4.

The PS4 version of Gris isn’t a simple port the developers put in work.

“The art team revamped over five thousand unique assets to 2x – 4x higher resolution to take advantage of the PS4 Pro and 4K displays,” said programmer Roger Mendoza. “Similarly, the majestic score from Berlinist was integrated into the game with less compression so that the music and audio design all sound cleaner and brighter. Additionally, we added some ‘quality of life’ improvements and a PlayStation-exclusive secret homage to one of our favorite games and an inspiration for Gris.”

If PlayStation fans can rally around Journey, they can do the same for Gris. Moyse gave it a ten!

Along with the usual digital release on the PlayStation Store, Gris also has a region-free physical copy available from Limited Run. Pre-orders are open today through December 27, and there’s “no limit.”

Experience Gris’ Emotional Journey on PS4 November 26 [PlayStation Blog]