The Punisher gives Justice League giant middle finger, releases same day


Also has fully-loaded, shiny new trailer

Because Netflix is the UN of media creators and publishers (i.e. masters of diplomacy, not subtle, and not-so-subtle jabs), it has revealed The Punisher‘s release date and it just so happens to be the same day Justice Leagueand Ben Affleck’s nipple-Batman II bow in theaters.

Since we’re not getting Marvel vs. DC in any cinematic sense, this is probably the next best thing: a head-to-head release of an internet-based paid subscription TV series and a blockbuster film. One can be measured in box office take and the other in likely-not-to-be-released viewing metrics. There will be a winner no doubt, but we may need to declare them with arbitrary and snap judgement — so get ready to cast your vote come November 20.

Check out the latest trailer and let us know your thoughts on it, The Punisher (and Netflix’s Marvel universe), and this bit of scheduling snipage.