The Rage 2 Collector's Edition includes a weird talking head


Game included, and I can’t believe I have to clarify that

Mentioned during last night’s E3 press conference, Bethesda have released more details on the special editions of their dystopian punk-rock shooter, Rage 2.

First up is the Deluxe Edition, which simply includes the game along with, say it all with me, a shit-ton of DLC. This includes Nicholas Rain’s armour and pistol, the Mutant Monster Truck skin, an exclusive mission; Cult of the Death God, a battle standard and the classic BFG from iconic shooter DOOM. You also get a “Progress Booster”.

The Collector’s Edition, which costs around $120, is a boxset containing the game and all of the above mentioned DLC, minus the Progress Booster. In terms of physical jive you will also get a steelbook casing and a poster. The apparent centrepiece of this affair is a mountable head of mutant Ruckus the Crusher, which can “talk and sing for hours”. I can’t even imagine.

Both editions are available to pre-order at participating outlets now, ahead of the game’s release. Rage 2 is currently scheduled for launch in Spring 2019, on PS4, Xbox One and PC.