The remastered Mass Effect trilogy might be out in March


Mass Effect: Legendary Edition listed for March 12 by retailers in Singapore and Indonesia

While BioWare’s remastered Mass Effect trilogy is still officially aiming for a spring 2021 launch, a pair of retailers are pointing to a March 12 release date for the three-in-one Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

The retailer GS Shop put out a promotional tweet with the March date while another, Shopitree, included the same info on its listing for the game. Retailer listings are far from the final say on video game release dates, but in this case, Eurogamer “understands the above date to currently be accurate.”

With that said, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was previously rumored to release last October, so there are no guarantees that EA’s release plans won’t change again. This very well could slip back.

On my end, I’m planning to make time for the trilogy no matter when it ends up coming out – I’ve been waiting for a good reason to replay Mass Effect for years, and I think this is it. BioWare is “updating the textures, shaders, models, effects, and technical features” for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and Legendary Edition will have “forward compatibility and targeted enhancements” on Xbox Series X and PS5.

I wonder how jarring Mass Effect 1 will be after all this time. 2007 feels like forever ago.

@IdleSloth84 [Twitter via Eurogamer]