The sad, manic face of Wii Music is performing at the Trump inauguration



By E3 2008, the Wii had just passed the Xbox 360 in US sales, despite having come out a year later. With the PS3 flagging, it was Nintendo’s race to win. And then we met Ravi. Riding high, Nintendo came into E3 2008 with absolutely nothing to show, hence the extended stage performance of Wii Music and turning out DJ Ravi Drums for an epileptic drum solo.

Though he single-handedly sunk Nintendo on its way to its apex, leading to an entire console generation playing catch up, Ravi persevered. He performed at the 2009 Academy Awards and was voted “The Worlds Best Innovative Dj/Drummer” at the “2010 Peoples Choice,” according to his Wikipedia page, though there is no source and I can’t find any evidence that such an award exists.

Soon, he’ll be playing for the President of the United States, a discarded Thanksgiving turkey skin that gained sentience after rolling in the shed fur of a feral tabby cat. Donald Trump has had some public problems securing celebrities and performers for his January 20 inauguration. Acts from Elton John (“Incorrect. He will NOT be performing,” his publicist rebuked) to Ice T (“I didn’t pick up and Blocked the number.”) have declined to perform.

The president-elect did manage to nab E3 2008 star DJ Ravi Drums to go along with fellow headliners Toby Keith (“Beer for My Horses“), 3 Doors Down (that song “Kryptonite” you kept hearing in grocery stores in the early 2000s), and Jackie Evancho (the second-place America’s Got Talent winner in 2010).

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