The saga of broken Mighty No. 9 promises might end, portable versions, physical rewards still in the works


It’s been almost a year since the last real update

After nearly a year since its release, and close to four years since its Kickstarter campaign, Inafune and his crew might actually be delivering on their full promises from the Mighty No. 9 project.

Late last night backers received an email detailing some loose ends, including the handheld versions, which are “not canceled,” as Level-5 Comcept is “still in the process of porting” them. Evidently they went back into development in May and they’re planning on releasing them in “2017.” Backers were not updated until this point on the state of the portable editions.

Oh, and those physical rewards that we assumed were outright canceled? They’re still being “worked on,” too. They’re trying to ship them out by mid-August 2017, and Fangamer (who was waiting on Comcept to budge and had their hands tied) will be sending out emails soon to confirm addresses. Comcept also says to look forward to possible “future Beck adventures” (right).

This whole affair has been a crash course on how not to handle a KickstarterI wouldn’t be surprised if Level-5 was basically like “get it together” after acquiring them. It’s also strange that they didn’t even mention that Beck is appearing in Mighty Gunvolt Burst, a better game from Inti Creates which is hitting the Switch eShop later today (and 3DS soon).

Beyond the disappointment of Mighty No. 9‘s release, Comcept has pretty much destroyed any good will toward them based on how they handled the campaign from start to finish. They could have easily recovered by just chalking it up to a misfire, but now it seems like the company doesn’t have any of its priorities straight. We’ll see how it does with a second lease on life.

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