The second Monster Hunter Rise demo, with Magnamalo, is live on the Switch eShop


Here’s your last chance before launch

Capcom just put out a new Monster Hunter Risedemo, which you can download now on the eShop.

As announced, this demo is practically identical to the first one, but with one major difference; it adds a Magnamalo hunt. It’s described as a “seasoned hunter” challenge, but it’ll also have the other four quests available if you’re not up for it.

To accompany this new big bad, Capcom has posted a new clip that showcases Magnamalo firsthand, with a few of their abilities in tow. I gotta say, the neon purple aesthetic and the Akuma-like fireballs really make it stand out. That huge amiibo is going to look nice in the collection case.

As a reminder, this is the last demo planned for Monster Hunter Rise. The game is launching at the end of the month after all!

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