The secret Demon's Souls door was unlocked and it's guarding a cool item set


Thank goodness it wasn’t a useless prank item

After a new-to-the-remake secret door was found in Demon’s Souls, the community scrambled to find answers that might lead to a key. We knew there was something juicy inside – players peeked through the wall using photo mode – and Bluepoint only added to the excitement by playfully calling out folks.

Today, after the recent discovery of a new Ceramic Coin item, the madmen did it. They got inside.

The process involves playing Demon’s Souls on Fractured Mode, a new “mirror mode” Bluepoint created that flips the world. You can initiate the mode with the statue in the Nexus by spending 25,000 souls. From there, it’s a matter of getting your World Tendency status to Pure Black and/or Pure White and scouring the land for Ceramic Coins in specific hidden locations, as summarized in this Reddit post.

These coins are a finite collectible per playthrough, and to get the key to the secret door, you’ll need to accumulate 26 of them, so it’ll take at least a couple of New Game+ runs with the same character. (They can’t be given away to other players or duped, so don’t even bother trying.) With a stockpile of 26 Ceramic Coins, you can then trade them all with Sparkly the Crow in the Shrine of Storms for the key.

Here’s the reward as depicted by speedrunner Distortion2 (with more screens here):

We solved the mystery of the hidden door! Thanks for making such a great secret to get all the community involved @bluepointgames Was awesome looking for the coins in SOTC Remake and again in Demon’s Souls Remake ?

— Distortion2 (@Distortion_2) November 19, 2020

The fated secret door is guarding the Penetrator boss armor set, including a helmet, cuirass, gauntlets, and greaves. Here’s the on-stream moment when Distortion2 first picked up the Penetrator set.

Some fans worked themselves into a frenzy this week over what the door could be teasing – I even saw speculation point to future Bluepoint remasters, among other ideas – and they might be a bit disappointed. The mystery itself was entertaining to me, and I think this is a suitably cool reward.

For now, that’s it – the case is closed. Actually earning the armor ourselves will be quite the endeavor.