The Sony London studio behind Blood & Truth is working on a new PS5 game


‘The next big title’

Remember Blood & Truth? Well, I don’t blame you if you’re confused. It came out in the before times, and was a PSVR exclusive: I bet a lot of people missed it. Well, the gist is that it’s a British gangster homage with VR gunplay and an action focus.

It was fun, but ultimately held back by the limitations of PSVR and the Move remotes: I felt like it would be better served on a more unchained platform like the Valve Index or the Oculus Rift/Quest. While we likely won’t see the Sony studio branch out beyond PSVR, we could get a more advanced VR game on PS5, if their VFX lead’s LinkedIn page is anything to go by.

While the listing for the PS5 game is vague (we don’t know if it’s VR, even though it likely could be), we now know that they’re working on a new title. Hiring seems to be a go, for what they are calling the “next big title” from the studio.

I say bring it on. With new tech, VR could push the PSVR further. I just hope Sony does something about the outdated Move remotes at some point if they really want to keep selling VR experiences.

David Skilton [LinkedIn via DualShockers]