The Steam Winter Sale 2019 is here for two weeks


This year is finally almost over

As we near the New Year, it’s a big sale day in the world of PC gaming. The Steam Winter Sale 2019 kicked off this morning, and after some inevitable launch woes, the storefront is now relatively stable.

Apart from the usual deals, Steam is also hosting a Holiday Market throughout the Winter 2019 sale. It’s a way to encourage folks to engage with the platform and check back in for new daily quests. By checking off tasks “add any three games to your Steam Wishlist,” “communicate with a friend or group using stickers,” etc. you’ll earn Festivity Tokens that are redeemable for digital rewards.

If you manage to accumulate 5,000 tokens, you’ll get a coupon worth $5 off your next purchase. Otherwise, the market is lined with stickers, emoticons, profile backgrounds, and chat room effects.

It’s a lot of busywork for a not-great reward, but if you just want some deals, they haven’t gone anywhere. A few suggestions: Disco Elysium ($31.99), Sekiro ($38.99), Total War: Warhammer II ($20.39), The Forest ($10.99), Raft ($13.99), and Stardew Valley ($8.99). Here are the global top-sellers.

The Steam Winter Sale 2019 runs until 10:00am PT on January 2, 2020.