The studio behind Until Dawn is making a horror anthology series


Here’s a look at the first story

Many of us are surprised that Until Dawn clawed itself out of development hell on the PS3 (as a Move title no less), but I think we’re all glad it did. Supermassive Games has kind of made a name for itself when it comes to pumping out horror games, and now they’re committing to an entire anthology of it.

Announced jointly at Gamescom, Supermassive and Bandai Namco are joining forces to work on something they’re calling the Dark PicturesAnthology, which will feature multiple stories. The first is called Man of Medan, and features “four young Americans” (of course) on a diving trip who encounter (dun dun dun) a World War 2 wrecked ship. Evidently the captain of the boat is involved too (who may or may not have a mysterious past and be linked with the wreck — this is just my speculation, don’t yell at me if it ends up being a spoiler).

This is all shaping up to be Until Dawn: the series, as branching storylines and multiple endings are confirmed. Supermassive also confirms that “new stories, settings, and characters,” will appear throughout each game. There’s not even a release window yet but The Dark Pictures Anthologyis confirmed for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can get a glimpse at the first game below.