The super heroes are still mad in this new Injustice 2 trailer


Poison Ivy, Bane, Robin, Brainiac and Darkseid confirmed

If you like your super heroes violent, grim, and brooding, DC has got you fam. The latest story trailer for Injustice 2 has more scowling and rage-screaming than you could shake a stick at. More interestingly however, it also has some clues as to the plot of the sequel and some interesting character reveals.

Grappler fans will be happy to see the return of Bane, the only character revealed in this trailer who had a spot on the original roster. Joining him is Poison Ivy, Robin (seemingly of the Damian Wayne variety who I can’t wait to slap), Brainiac (who may be the big bad of the sequel) and the towering Darkseid. The ruler of Apokolips doesn’t come cheap though, similar to Goro in Mortal Kombat X, he is only available to players who pre-order the game (or presumably purchase him as DLC).

Set directly after the events of the original Injustice, the world is struggling to restore order in the wake of Superman’s toppled regime. As per usual, the heroes are split on how to deal with things and rather than use their words, they’ve decided just to beat the crap out of each other. Brainiac waxes philosophic over the punching and seems poised to capitalize on the divided forces of good. Sounds good to me. I’ll go along with whatever gets us to Gorilla Grodd beating Damian Wayne to death with his own arms as quickly as possible.