The Switch Lite has nearly outsold the Wii U on its own


It may have already surpassed it

Oh Wii U. We’ll probably never stop talking about it in some capacity. I mean, people still readily reference the Virtual Boy! Even Reggie talked about that amazing red-hued eye-burning system recently.

But to shift gears back to the Wii U, Nintendo’s otherfinancial failure (and only financially, because that system utterly ruled), it’s been surpassed yet again by a sub-console. As per its new financials, Nintendo reports that the Switch Lite has pushed 13.53 million units by the end of December 31, 2020. That’s roughly one sixth of all Switch hardware sales, which have hit 79.87 million in that same timeframe. Here is additional data.

One big thing to really nail home? The Switch Lite has nearly outside the lifetime figures of the Wii U. Nintendo still displays them on their site (which leaves off the Virtual Boy), and the number is forevermore at 13.56 million sold. The Lite probably already hasbeaten the Wii U, because data from January alone would likely push it over the edge: we just don’t have it yet.

Coupling in the Lite, the Switch in general is still doing fantastic. With the new 79.87 million figure, it’s encroaching the top-10 all-time best-selling system list. It just needs to crack the 80 million-ish sales of the PSP, then it’s ready to take on the Game Boy Advance line next, which boasts 81.51 million.

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