The System Shock remake won't launch until 2018



It looks like Shodan won’t be returning to torment us for a little while. According to a recent Kickstarter update from Night Dive Studios, the release date for System Shock Remastered is now Q2 2018. The original estimate was December 2017, but Q2 2018 isn’t too far behind that. A simultaneous release on all platforms is also not guaranteed, though Night Dive is trying its best.

Along with information of a delay, Night Dive Studios shared some new concept art and detailed the work being done on a “vertical slice” demo of the game. This new VS, as they’ve dubbed it, will illustrate how long it takes to create content, what the final visuals should look like, and how the gameplay should feel. I’m having flashbacks to Aliens: Colonial Marines, but at least Night Dive is being upfront about the development of this game.

I have some pretty high expectations for this remaster. I only recently played the original game this year via the Enhanced Edition port that Night Dive released. I was surprised at how many mechanics were pioneered within the game, especially considering the age. Obviously the control scheme is what hampered the original release, but the Steam and GOG ports improve the playability to an immense degree.

If you can get around “outdated” graphics, I’d wholeheartedly recommend checking it out. The atmosphere and emphasis on player discovery is almost unparalleled among its peers. The game is also thoroughly captivating, getting me to nearly finish it in a single session.

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