The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to feature The Sawyers in 3v4 gameplay



Gun Interactive has revealed that upcoming hide ‘n’ hunt title The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: The Game, will retain the typical asymmetrical gameplay of titles such as Friday the 13th: The Game and Dead by Daylight, but will be switching up the format in regards to its teams of hunters and survivors.

Unlike many recent asymmetrical titles, which often see a single overpowered killer chasing down teams of around four to five survivors, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will instead feature three killers versus a team of four survivors. The killers are expected to be the three key members of the cinematic Sawyer family: The Hitch-hiker, The Cook, and, of course, the terrifying Leatherface himself.

“We never want to make the same game twice. You either innovate or imitate, and I don’t have to tell you which one makes for a better game,” said Gun Interactive CEO Wes Keltner. “Everyone at Gun prefers to innovate and push the genre forward. How do you do this? Well, when it came to the design of Texas we knew that 3vs4 was different. All the mechanics and features are built around this fundamental rethinking of asymmetrical multiplayer.”

The key dynamic of switching up the team format lies in an effort to make the family feel powerful and frightening, while also offering key teamwork dynamics between both killers and survivors. It’s interesting as a concept, but will make for some tough balancing. Leatherface is a force to be reckoned with alone by hot-pants-wearing teenagers. Even if they gather together — dude has a fucking chainsaw.

It will be interesting to see how the balance of power is distributed, both among the hapless survivors and among the three individual members of The Sawyer Family. Will The Cook have skills that Leatherface does not? Will Leatherface be harder to bring down than The Cook? and will The Hitch-hiker be able to take shit photos and then attempt to scam you out of five bucks for the privilege?

One thing’s for certain, as long as everybody hates Franklin, then it’s an authentic cinematic experience.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: The Game is currently in development for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X. For further reading on Gun Interactive’s mentality behind the title, check out the team’s recent blog post.