The Tomorrow Children has an open beta running this weekend


It’s worldwide, so get in there!

The Tomorrow Children is a perplexing game. You and other players form towns, fight monsters, and gather resources — all things we’ve done before in video games — but the way it’s presented is so utterly strange that it feels new. Q-Games is holding an open beta now through Monday, June 6 on PlayStation 4 (US download; EU download), and I highly recommend trying it for yourself.

This video does a good job of capturing the “basics”:

An important note for prior players: “If you downloaded the TTC closed beta client but erased it, please download it again from your library to join this weekend’s open beta. You will not be able to download directly from the store if you’ve had the closed beta client on your PS4.”

After the last beta, I promised myself I wouldn’t venture too far out into the Void and drown in the quicksand-like ground. It’s horrifying! I will be a Good Citizen this time, I swear. No trouble.

The Tomorrow Children [Twitter]