The Touryst will take a trip on PlayStation platforms September 9


Don’t forget your toothbrush

Shin’en Multimedia has announced that its jovial desert island mystery, The Touryst, will come sightseeing on PlayStation platforms in just two short weeks. The puzzling adventure — already available on PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch — will arrive on PlayStation Store for both PS4 and PS5 on September 9, priced at around $20.

The cutesy, cubic title sees players visit the lush tropical paradise of Monument Islands, packed out with fun sights to see, places to explore, people to meet, and activities to engage with. But it’s not all fun in the sun, as our hero will soon find a whole array of logic puzzles and other complex adventures buried beneath the sandy sheen of this beautiful resort. For more deets, check out our own CJ Andriessen’s review of the Switch edition right here.

The PS5 edition of The Touryst will run at 8K resolutions with supersampling at 60 FPS. Frankly, that’s far beyond the necessary polish for The Touryst‘s simplistic but engaging visuals — but it’s still nice to have the option I suppose. With this PlayStation release, The Touryst is finally available on every major hardware platform, so if you were unable to get away this summer season, at least you can take yourself on a fun voxel vacation instead. Bring me back a stick a rock.