The Weekend Hotness: Sword Art Online


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I guess I’m late to the party, but I’ve been all about the anime Sword Art Online in recent days. I caught a couple of episodes on Toonami and decided that I would just marathon the rest of the series on Hulu this week.

If you haven’t heard of the show, a bunch of people get stuck in a virtual reality MMO and can’t log out, and if they die in the game, they die for real. It’s a really fantastic examination into how player psychology and sociology is affected by such a radical shift in their livelihoods, and it blurs the line between what is real and what is fake. It’s incredible.

At least, the first act is. The second act takes everything that was good and throws it away. If you plan on watching the show, stop after episode 14. That’s where the series should have ended.

This weekend, Sup Holmes? solves a mystery with WayForward’s Austin Ivansmith, Fraser Brown checks out Spelunky‘s PC port, a Pokémon anime special takes the series back to basics, and we learn that PS4 will make a big showing at gamescom.

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