The Witcher 3 patch 1.12 smashes Hearts of Stone bugs


Other performance fixes…and not giant

There’s a lot to peruse in this 1.12 patch-notes-filled The Witcher 3 PDF.

Much of it has to do with the new-ish Hearts of Stone expansion and fixing bugs therein, but rest assured that this patch isn’t 15gb (a much more reasonable 1.4gb) and it contains quite a few continued general improvements to gameplay, UI, and performance.

Some highlights, if you don’t want to read through the whole PDF:

  • Introduces a number of improvements to general game performance.
  • Improves transitions between distinct scenes and gameplay sequences.
  • Introduces a series of minor difficulty balance tweaks at all difficulty levels in Hearts of Stone expansion.
  • Fixes issue whereby quickslots could disappear if game difficulty level was changed during combat.
  • Fixes rare issue whereby some mini-bosses could become immortal under certain circumstances.
  • Fixes issue whereby items in merchants’ stores could not be compared to currently equipped items.
  • Fixes exploit whereby some items (runes, glyphs) could be upgraded infinitely.
  • Introduces UI enhancement whereby herb name is now displayed above available interaction.
  • Fixes issue whereby some human foes could have empty Vitality bars and thus could not be killed.