The wonderful Maldita Castilla headed to consoles


Other Locomalito titles to follow

I have a special spot in my heart for Locomalito. For years, the independent designer has been putting out great freeware games in his spare time, including Hydorah, Maldita Castilla, L’Abbaye des Morts, and The Curse of Issyos. Those first two are especially worth seeking out. Do it. Right now.

It’s a pleasant surprise, then, to hear that some of the developer’s titles are coming to consoles thanks to a partnership with Abylight Studios. Maldita Castilla is up first with a Q3 2016 launch.

Speaking with Destructoid, a representative of Abylight said that “all major platforms” are being considered for the ports. “Game Maker, the engine in which the games have been developed, supports almost all them and we are in talks to see what can we do for the ones that are not.”

I wondered about the pricing, given the donation-supported model used for the original PC versions of these titles, and was told “Locomalito is still developing the new levels and until the game is fully finished we won’t be able to get a sense of the right pricing.”

As for what will come next after Maldita Castilla, and when, that’s unclear. Abylight says it is looking at “every title” in the portfolio and that “another release this year might be too tight.”

Abylight is bringing to consoles the acclaimed games of Locomalito, the brilliant homebrew developer [Abylight] [Image]