The Xbox One wireless PC adapter works like a charm


Plug and play on Windows 10

Finally — Microsoft is releasing the wireless Xbox One adapter for PCs. After years of waiting I can eschew all of the wires that have been sitting in my desk drawer, or more specifically, four micro-USB cables to hook up four applicable controllers. The Xbox One controller really is, in my mind, the best remote of this generation, so I opt to use it more often than anything else, including the 360 pad.

After obtaining my unit I proceeded to plug it in, press the sync button, and I was good to go. This particular adapter works for up to four controllers per USB stick, and each remote synced up in roughly two seconds time. Additionally, I tested it out withan Xbox One Elite model, which also worked without issue. The stick itself is a tad bigger than I’d like it to be, but it’s a much more snug form factor compared to the oval 360 wireless adapter.

I should note that it worked seamlessly due to Windows 10, and that prior platforms don’t seem to be fully supported, including SteamOS and the Steam Link (even after a lengthy driver install, it didn’t register on my Windows 8 machine). Oh, and Xbox 360 remotes aren’t backward compatible either.

If you’re interested in one, it’s currently being sold for $24.99 nearly everywhere.