The Zelda Encyclopedia's Deluxe Edition looks like a gigantic NES cart


We’re gonna need a bigger NES…

Dark Horse is putting out The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia this April to accompany their previously releasedHyrule Historia and Arts and Artifacts books.

The standard edition of the book looks great as is and the three old tomes will look even better as a complete set. That said, the $80 Deluxe variant of the encyclopedia is one hell of a nostalgia trip.

Yes, the deluxe edition looks just like shiny golden Zelda NES cart. It even comes complete with a giant black sleeve, lined with velvet, and a to-scale instruction booklet that tells you… how encyclopedias work… I guess?

If you’re okay with forking over a little extra cash, then this special release is a pretty great additionto any bookshelf. You can pick it up on April 28, 2018.

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