The Zelda Symphony last night was great, but these costumes stole the show


A standing O

Last night, as is my yearly tradition, I attended the Zelda Symphony concert. It’s my fourth year going and my first not in Southern California. Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco is a choice venue for the show — much better than the Dolby Theatre I went to last year — and my seats were some of the best in the house.

Sure, I had to sit next to this wonderful Zeldafan who spent the show crying because she was so happy to be there, but I was also near Matt Hofstad and Danielle Cuellar. These two, pictured above and below, absolutely knocked it out of the park with their Majora’sMask inspired ensemble.

These two literally got an applause when they made their way to their seats. My shitty camera phone cannot do these costumes justice and after I took these pics, everybody wanted to pose with them.

If I go again in 2018, and let’s face it I will, these two have inspired me to put some time and effort to make a costume of my own from my favorite game The Wind Waker. Hmm, I wonder if I could pull off dressing up as Link’s grandma.