The Zoids (Zoids! Zoids! Zoids!) Switch game is still alive, here's screenshot proof


Zoids Wild

Thanks to the recent game there is now an active real Zoids Twitter account: 12 year old me wouldn’t believe it.

Zoids is enjoying a resurgence as of late, with the smartphone MOBA Zoids: Field of Rebellion launching in 2016. But fans have been pining for a real dose of Zoids ever since 2007’s Assault, and it looks like Takara Tomy is going to deliver. As per the aforementioned Twitter account the Zoids Wild project is alive and well, and offered a picture of theGannontoise Zoid as proof. Right now Wildis just confirmed for the Switch in Japan, but that could change if it does well enough.

The game is actually a tie-in with the brand new Zoids Wildanime series that launched in July of this year in Japan. Yes, after roughly a decade Zoidshas an anime and a game again. You could say it’s…wild!

Zoids Official [Twitter]