Theatrhythm Final Fantasy's arcade edition adds Chrono Trigger theme



I still don’t know why Theatrhythm didn’t catch on. The 3DS has a massive installbase, Square Enix has a massive library of great songs, and the gameplay was there. Sadly, we only got two Final Fantasy themed Theatrhythm games in the west, as the Dragon Quest version was relegated to Japan-only. I couldn’t resist importing it, but there’s no way I can get my hands on the thirdTheatrhythm Final Fantasy unless I physically go to Japan.

Yep, the arcade edition has been trucking along for roughly a year now, and Square Enix is still adding new content to it on a steady basis. The latest bits include The Last Hunter and Crazy Chocobo from XIII-2, and wait for it, the main theme from Chrono Trigger.

Square, alongside of Capcom, is the king of mining nostalgia. Based on how good the gameplay looks (check out the mock-up of the physical play area in the lower right hand corner here), this is a “must play” situation the next time I make it out to Japan.