Theme park sim Parkitect: Taste of Adventure looks scrumptious


New DLC lets you fill your park with lava

Texel Raptor is giving classic tycoon fans a second helping of Parkitect with Taste of Adventure, an expansion that adds eight rides, four shops, and ten levels to the well-liked theme park simulator.

The rides themselves look neat enough there’s River Rapids and an Inverting Spinning Coaster, among other additions but the biggest upgrade deals with decorations. Parkitect: Taste of Adventure includes new Candy and Adventure themes, the former of which will let you build cotton-candy trees.

There’s also three-dimensional text signs, animating doors, and lava. No park is complete without lava.

For the most part, this DLC feels like a chance to bring up a cool game that plenty of people (myself included) missed the first time around. If you’re already all-in, Taste of Adventure releases for Steam on November 20, 2019. I’ll try to loop back around to Parkitect once I’ve had my fill of Planet Zoo.