There are some secret brutalities hidden in the latest Mortal Kombat X patch


One of many things in the Predator Patch

Hearkening back to a time when you had to figure out special moves on your own in the glow of your local arcade, the latest Mortal Kombat Xpatch adds some new moves but it won’t hold your hand in explaining them. If you want to pull them off, you have to discover them — or wait until someone else does and posts it on the Internet.

Secret brutalities is just one of many things addressed in the notes for the newest Mortal Kombat Xupdate. Possibly the biggest change is that frame skipping has been removed. Curiously enough, it’s not an option that can be toggled to suit the user’s preference, but rather it has been eliminated altogether.

The entirety of the patch notes is listed below straight from the game’s Steam page. In case you’re wondering how it’s been received so far, almost all of the comments are negative in tone. So yeah, this doesn’t seem to be the update that gives PC players everything they want from Mortal Kombat X.

  • Frame Skipping has been removed
  • Liu Kang’s “Hot Head” brutality no longer triggers when no stage interaction is used
  • When installing the Title from a complete backup the entire package will now be installed
  • Saving a controller preset for the keyboard will now make it the active preset
  • Characters will no longer be doubled on the character select screen
  • The pings of other players in a room will now display correctly
  • After completing an Invasion Boss, the Invasion Bosses defeat will now trigger correctly
  • Fixed a crash where sometimes the game will minimize, becoming unplayable
  • Pausing and unpausing quickly while Frame Smoothing is set to “on” will no longer cause a display driver crash in arenas
  • Users can now leave a KOTH session as king without taking a loss
  • There are new secret brutalities to discover

Predator Patch [Steam]