There's a 20% off deal on Watch Dogs 2 pre-orders for PC


Don’t y’all go running out buying

So excited about Watch Dogs 2 you’re going to pre-order directly from the Uplay Shop? Despite this outlandish statement, we’re almost positive it has happened already. You can go the full-price route or you can use a coupon at Green Man Gaming to hack yourself a 20 percent discount on Watch Dogs 2‘s Standard, Deluxe, and Gold Editions.

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Ahead of the November 15 release, pre-ordering gets you the Zodiac Killer bonus. Discounts on the console versions will only happen atBest Buy or Amazon. The catch is you need to be a paid subscriber to either Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked or Amazon’s Prime service.

This wouldn’t be a modern AAA game without some ridiculous special edition. Watch Dogs 2‘sCollector’s Edition will net you a physical app-enabled robot with a price starting at $109.99 — though that’s for the Standard Edition (confused yet?). Here’s the wild thing: there are atotal of three collector’s editions for Watch Dogs 2. The Standard Collector’s Edition for $109.99, the Deluxe Collector’s Edition for $119.99, and the Gold Collector’s Edition for $149.99. Yep.

Why didn’t they just go with one that has everything? I suppose they want to make the robot accessible to everyone who wants one but may not also want Season Pass content in the Gold Edition.

Standard vs. Deluxe vs. Gold

So here are some clarifications on Standard, Deluxe, and Gold. All three share the exact same Zodiac Killer pre-order mission DLC, and beyond that, each edition has additional content/goodies.

Deluxe gets you two “Personalisation Packs.” If you thought the main character Marcus didn’t look hipster enough in the trailer, you’ll get the “Punk-Themed” personality pack with a new punk outfit and skins for his car, drone, and weapon. Also new skins in the “Street-Themed Art” personalisation pack.

The Gold Edition comes with those cosmetic packs above from the Deluxe but will also net you the Season Pass. Pricing on the Season Pass hasn’t solidified, but since most AAA titles have their season passes priced at about $29.99, at this point we can probably assume the Gold Edition price is justified.

Expect more special edition comparison shenanigans as we near release later this year. We’re totallylooking forward to breaking down all the various deals and editions available for Watch Dogs 2 by console, platform, and store. Yay.