There's a good chance Borderlands 3 will have cross-platform co-op


More mayhem to go around

Here’s something that will either end up as early confirmation of an oft-requested feature or a particularly cruel pre-order gaffe.

Alongside this morning’s news of a release date and cover art, pre-order pages for Borderlands 3went live. On one of the pages (but not on all of them), Xbox has listed “cross-platform co-op” as a feature. It’s not official confirmation, but it’s promising.

It isn’t likely that it’s a free-for-all with regard to cross-platforms. There’s a slim chance PlayStation 4 will be able to play with Xbox One. Instead (if this even ends up panning out), it’s probably going to work out so that both PS4 and Xbox users can play with their friends who are on PC.

There’s another rumor regarding how Gearbox will structure co-op. A retail fact sheet mentions a “Level Sync System” that will scale players so they’re all similarly-equipped. The idea is to give everyone in the group the same sort of challenge, regardless of their individual level.

Borderlandsis a series that largely lives or dies based on how much fun you can have with a team. Hopefully all this stuff is real, because it’s in Gearbox’s best interests to make the cooperative experience as good as it can possibly be.

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