There's a Hitman TV series in the works from John Wick series creator


Hulu wants a hit, man

Hitman‘s recent resurgence must’ve gained some notoriety, and I suppose its time as a film series is done, so now it’s getting adapted into a Hulu exclusive TV series. According to Deadline, FOX and Hulu have tapped the John Wick series creator and writer Derek Kolstad to write the pilot episode with the hopes it’ll become a major series for the subscription service.

I’m a little disappointed there won’t be a proper follow up to Hitman: Agent 47, but seeing as how I’m one of the few who enjoyed it steering into complete video game nonsense, I totally understand. John Wick is a great framework to pull a series like this from, but without Chad Stahelski at the helm I’m cautiously optimistic as to what the end result will be.

‘Hitman’ Series In Works At Hulu From ‘John Wick’ Creator DerekKolstad [Deadline]