There's a pillow with Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and I really shouldn't


As the shop says, ‘a strategically placed accent can bring the whole room to life’

Konami just launched an online merch store, and I know, I know – you’re not in the mood.

Regardless of how out-of-sync the company can be with modern sensibilities, we’ve got the good old days, and there are some surprising back-catalog picks in here like a Sunset Riders mug, a sweatshirt plastered with Goemon, and Track & Field t-shirts. I’m not here to dwell on that stuff, though.

I immediately darted toward the Castlevania section, straight past the apparel, to this:

Alucard and Richter in pillow form

Your eyes don’t deceive you. Those are pillows with Alucard and Richter looking all majestic.

My recent (and at this point probably annual) trip down memory lane with Castlevania Requiem and Castlevania Anniversary Collection has been building to this silliness. I can’t stop laughing.

$40 for a video game pillow? I shouldn’t. I really shouldn’t.