There's an official Google Street View style Pokemon Sword & Shield Wild Area site


Beware of Bewears

One of the chief elements of Pokemon Sword & Shieldthat has me the most excited is undoubtedly the Wild Area.

Billed as an open MMO-like space, players can roam around this gigantic zone and capture Pokemon, as well as meetup and take on raid battles. Given that some creatures can’t be caught right away until you have a certain number of gym badges it’ll serve as one of the endgame activities of the new generation. Provided that it’s large and varied enough, I’m excited to spend some time in it.

Ahead of launch, Game Freak put out an official site of sorts just for the Wild Area, which is crafted like a Google Street View app. It’s in Japanese right now, but you can explore a rudimentary re-creation of the zone, and click on Pokemon for info and an evolution gallery. Remember, the Wild Area is going to take up a huge portion of the entire Galar region map.

It’s cute! Hopefully the real Wild Area will be this vibrant, and take advantage of the extra power of the Switch as the mainline (non-spinoff) series moves to consoles for the first time.

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