There's finally a deal on NieR: Automata for PC


Sweet metallic-tasting savings

Nothing feels better than getting your head patted for a job well done, especially when it’s delivered by another fellow android. Unfortunately for us, said robots exist in an action video game, namely NieR: Automata. The action title from Platinum Games (and published by Square Enix) is releasing tomorrow on PS4. PC gamers will receive their ported Steam version on March 17.

Happily, there is finally a pre-order deal available on the PC/Steam copy of NieR: Automatawith GMG introducing a 18% discount to $49.29. Unlike years past where discounts were plentiful for Square Enix-published titles, we’re noticing less aggressive pre-order prices during release period as both publishers and retailers curb back on discount incentives. In fact, we originally filed NieR as one of those PC titles that wouldn’t see a deal until weeks after launch, if that.

The PC port appears to be doing well in sales regardless, as it’s currently sitting on the #3 top-seller slot both at Steam and Green Man Gaming. With a strong review for the PS4 version, and as long as the port holds up, we suspect this will be a top-selling PC title in 2017 for Square Enix.