There's going to be a Clicker Heroes 2


The only winning move…

I escaped the clutches of Clicker Heroes once, and I’ll do it again. It was my favorite of the time-wasting, dopamine-releasing idle games. It got me real good. Now, a sequel is underway for next year.

It’s a substantial step up, visually speaking, and based on the Steam description, Clicker Heroes 2 will follow a similar loop: “Kill monsters. Get gold. Choose your gear. Upgrade your gear. Learn talents. Defeat horrifying bosses. Progress to new worlds. Gain XP. Level up with a massive skill tree.”

I’m curious what kinds of tweaks and additions Playsaurus will work in since the developer will obviously need to do something but also can’t risk alienating its hardcore players too much.

Clicker Heroes 2 [Steam]