There's going to be a second Mega Man board game


Presumably we’ll see a Kickstarter soon

Jasco might have recently announced that supporting the originalMega Manboard game (pictured above) was a complicated issue they didn’t know how to address, but they currently have their hands full withStreet Fighter: The Miniatures Game and…another Mega Manboard game?

Announced by way of a Kickstarter update for the original, Jasco is now in the process of “contracting out designers” for both the first board game and will begin work on a second. If you blink you’ll miss half of that statement: they’re seemingly going to update the original, despite explaining in April that they couldn’t fix it, noting, “Our design team decided the issue with the game’s length lies with the board, and this is a component that cannot be easily changed and released for free as a digital file.” Maybe a second edition? Either way the long length and convoluted rules for the original never really bothered me, but if potential tweaks bring more players in — that’s a win-win.

Odds are they’ll spring for another Kickstarter for the upcoming follow-up, as Jasco usually runs them for basically all of their projects and it’s a way to get guaranteed pre-orders.

The Future of Megaman the Board Game! [Kickstarter] Thanks Jeff!