There's more Genshin Impact perfume now


Earth, water, ice, electric, and wind flavored

Genshin Impact perfume? Sure, this game is a marketing machine, there isn’t any field this series won’t touch eventually!

While developer miHoYo and Tokyo-based fragrance company Primaniacs (who also handles lots of anime-based perfumes) have collaborated before, more scents are now confirmed to be on the way. Through Primaniacs, you can pick up Shouri, Tartaglia, Kanu, Kokusei, and Syou perfumes, which are inspired by the geo, hydro, cryo, electro, and anemo elements respectively. Mona, Klee, Kaeya, and Diluc also have lines.

It’s actually a pretty clever way to sell Genshin Impact perfume, as the elemental system kind of ensures this whole marketing scheme actually makes sense. Earthy, icy, and beach-like scents already exist, so it’s not a huge stretch to apply them to characters for a popular game.

As the most-tweeted-about industry titanGenshin is expanding in a way a lot of people didn’t think was possible around the time it was announced. While the mixed reception was real, by the time it actually came out and proved itself as a fully capable action-RPG, it immediately took off. There’s still plenty of concerns about the gacha system, amid other things that pop up every so often, but it’s still going to dominate 2022.