There's 'plenty of chance' Halo 5 could come to PC, according to series director


Nothing to announce yet, but it’s hope!

Ever since the dinosaurs went extinct, there have been three constants in this world: the sun will rise, the sun will set, and we’ll never see another main series Halo game on PC. After the frankly excellent port of Combat Evolved and the killed-by-Vista-exclusivity port of Halo 2, Microsoft has firmly kept the series as an Xbox exclusive, instead throwing us a bone in the form of Halo: Spartan Assault.

It seems as though the end times are upon us, my friend, as one of those constants might not be as constant as we expected. In an interview with GamesRadar on, series director Frank O’Connor has suggested the newest tile Halo 5: Guardians is likely to come to PC in the future.

You know, Microsoft has made a huge commitment trying sort of… I think normalise the Windows experience across multiple platforms. You see the elements of Windows 10 are going to appear in Xbox and Cortana and stuff like that. There is plenty of chance that Halo 5 could appear on the PC. Nothing to announce at this point. It’s absolutely not out the bounds of reason, but you know, we developed the game on an Intel platform. It wouldn’t be the hardest thing in the world to move it to PC and take advantage of PC stuff. But nothing I announce today on this chat.

The quote is at 1:13:00 in the video below should you want to hear for yourself.

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So who knows? Best case scenario would be a neat HD revamp of Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 released alongside PC ports of Halo 3, ODST, Reach, 4, and 5, but I would be more than happy for just Halo 5 if push comes to shove.

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