These are the ridiculous requirements to nab Gears of War 4's 'Seriously' Achievement


Get comfortable

The Gears of Wargames have always posed an intimidating challenge for its most dedicated players. These are the “Seriously…” Achievements, and they have gotten increasingly difficult with each installment. With Gears of War 4on the horizon, we now know what’s necessary for “Seriously 4.0.”

In a developer blog on the Gears of Warsite, The Coalition outlines the seven tasks to nab this time-consuming Achievement. They are: Complete the campaign on Insane difficulty, get to Re-Up 10 (essentially “Prestige” 10 times), earn all ribbons at least once, earn a rank placement in each mode, get all five classes to level ten, level all five Horde skills to level five, and complete all ten Horde maps from wave one through fifty.

It’s an arduous-sounding prospect, but it probably isn’t the worst Gearshas thrown at its players. Gears of War 3required Re-Upping and getting every Onyx medal. That meant tasks like getting 6,000 kills with most weapons and playing 3,000 matches of every type. When compared to that, “Seriously 4.0” doesn’t sound like such a time-sink. Although, getting to level 100 ten times won’t be for the faint of heart.

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