These Disney platformer speedruns bring back fond memories


Also, pain

Some of my favorite video games as a kid were based on Disney properties. You didn’t even need to like the source material to appreciate them — they were just plain good games. Tough, too.

Back then, a typical rental often wouldn’t cut it. I’d need more time to get good enough to reach the credits. Decades later, some of the 16-bit Disney titles still give me trouble. I can’t think about that dreaded Cave of Wonders escape in Aladdin without getting stressed out.

It’s a joy, then, to see people fly through these games for the livestreaming charity marathon Awesome Games Done Quick 2016. This block of the schedule features Super Star Wars (skip to 12:50 in the video), The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse (58:00), and Aladdin (1:32:00).

These three speedruns were followed by The Lion King and Goof Troop (fun fact: Resident Evil‘s Shinji Mikami was one of the designers!).

Also, did you catch that blindfolded attempt at clearing the BattleToads bike sequence? Ridiculous!