These fan-made Zelda: Breath of the Wild amiibo go nicely with the official figure


The trifecta

It’s always amazing to witness how much raw talent the Zeldacommunity brings to the table. I see it on a regular basis! But this duo of fan-made Guardian amiibo really stands out in this crowded month of great fan creations.

MarkelangeloStudios says that the figures were 3D-printed and hand-painted: by way of a Photon S SLA printer (which will run you roughly $380 MSRP) andZbrush. The bases on the newer Guardians are custom, with little etchings from the Zeldafranchise embossed on them. They even went the extra mile and embedded backup NFC chips inside of the fan-creations, based off of the original Guardian style.

For reference, the middle figure is the Guardian Skywatcher: a flying (and very annoying) variant of the Guardian machine. The left-most figure is the Guardian Turret. The original amiibo mirrors the Stalker line.

MarkelangeloStudios is musing on the idea of crafting tutorial videos: if that ever happens, I’ll try and track them down!

I made some custom guardian amiibo [Reddit]