These Funko Pac-Man figures are distressing


Pinky and Clyde look faded

The hell is up with Ms. Pac-man here? Why is Pac-Man all square? These Funko figures of the classic pill popping arcade icons are up to their knees in the uncanny valley and I don’t appreciate it one bit.

Personally, I’ve never understood why these Funko toys are so popular (my local game store dedicates the entire back wall to the smooth little plastic buggers). But, if you’re the type to collect them, you might be excited to see thePac-Mancrew included in the series. According to Funko, they’ll be out in March if you can’t wait to put them on your shelf.

To me, the only bright spot here is Pinky and Clyde. They look like they’ve given up on the whole haunting thing to go burn one down in the parking lot. Good for them.